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Review the 17 times photo show

Last Update:2016-12-07

The large-scale public interest photo exhibition "LIFE·ARCTIC" is Mr. Wang’s representational works of the 40 thousands images in his 21 trips around the Arctic. The shown 400 exhibits are in a systematic, so that this exhibition has been a image museum of Arctic.

In 2013 January "LIFE·ARCTIC - Wang’s photographic observation 16 round exhibition" for the first showing in the Harbin Art Museum. Since then, the "LIFE·ARCTIC" has become a hot cultural brand. To the end of 2015, there had held 17 exhibitions in the public galleries and universities of Beijing, Shenzhen, Dali, and the embassy of Denmark, Canada, Russia. It gradually formed a series exhibition pattern of large-scale exhibition, campus exhibition, and special exhibition.

This video is a brief review of the exhibition between 2013 to 2015.


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