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Last Update:2016-11-28

The Especial Exhibition of Arctic was Held in Hua Club Shenzhen 

Wang's Photo_Painting showing for the First time

《Real Arctic, Disappearing》—— The classical works exhibition of Wang's Arctic photo observation 20 rounds, was opend in Hua Club Shenzhen on December 1, 2015.

This exhibition in addition to the previous 32 classic works of Wang's 20 rounds of Arctic, the first available in the new Impressionist works  "rock bear", "ice sea twilight fishing", "Sami bride", "Aodake" was by the audience attention.

As the top elite club in the South China, Hua Club Shenzhen emphasizes building inspiration and wisdom, public welfare and environmental protection. Every year, domestic and foreign political, economic and cultural celebrities are invited to the clubhouse for financial, art and life sharing.


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