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Why Go to Arctic?

Everyone dreams. Dream is colorful.

Childhood, I have a silvery dream: triangle iceberg, oval polar bear; a team of huskies running and  towing a toboggan, a skin parka Eskimo throwing heavy spears... .

This dream land is my eternal Arctic - pure, remote and mysterious.

Adult, I still stay in this childish dream - although I know, this Arctic is never again that Arctic, this polar bear is never again that polar bear, and no more Eskimo are that Eskimo...

Why stay in dream rather than don't see it for myself? Because I still consider that go to Arctic is a privilege of explorers or scientists, it's not for me.

Spring of 2005, an online post let me surprise: a guy who named "Blue Mount Immortal" driving a SUV crossed Arctic Circle from Yukon Canada.

At this moment I just know, the Arctic is freedom for me, too!

2005 October, our couple started for visit the Arctic area of Northwest Canada: Inuvik, Tuktuyaktuk, Dawson and Yelowknife .

A horse of another colour! We saw a totally different Arctic in that time.

Record the real Arctic objectively, record the real Arctic comprehensively! This is our decision.

So," Circumpolar Ecology Photo Investigation" began since that time, and the first plan will be  20 years......


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